Love Letters

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There is nothing subtle about Libertine and that's precisely why we dig it. The design house, headed by Jonson Hartig, has garnered a cult following rabid for its avant-garde approach to, well, just about everything. Known for blending deconstructed pieces with high-wattage hues and high-energy illustration, the Libertine spirit takes shape through glitter, typography, torn denim, and intricate beading. The Libertine x Stance collection is the ultimate creative conspiracy, a collision of color that explodes on a palette of our softest premium fibers. Introducing the Love Letters.

Features: Crew height, Light Cushion, Self-adjusting welt cuff, Seamless toe closure, Y gore seam, Deep heel pocket, Medium Cushion, Signature logo embroidery

200 Everyday, light cushion

Contents - 53% polyester  33% elastane  12% combed cotton 1%  elastic, 1% nylon

Care - Machine wash in 40 deg;C / 104 deg;F. Avoid bleaching or ironing the socks. Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.